The Plain Of Jars

by Brenna Holeman

Plain Of Jars, Laos

While I was in Laos I decided to visit Phonsavan, a tiny little town in the centre of the country. The town itself, to be quite frank, didn’t have much to hold my attention; it was the surrounding attractions that held my interest. The area is also known as the Plain of Jars, named, literally, for the many plains filled with large stone pots, or jars.

Not only is the Plain of Jars a beautiful sight, it is also a very intriguing one – nobody really knows why these jars are scattered throughout the land, nor what they were used for. I love these sorts of things, great or strange mysteries of geography, anthropology, and the like. I felt the same way when I visited Stonehenge nearly fourteen years ago. Wandering around these vast expanses of land covered with jars ranging in shapes and sizes, a slight drizzle covering everything, it felt as though time had forgotten this place. I would definitely recommend it if you ever find yourself in Laos, if only to witness such a unique and mystifying part of our planet.

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