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The Last Time I Saw You (Part Seven)

The last time I saw you, we hugged goodbye at the airport. It was cold outside, a dark November morning. The air felt sharp in my lungs, like if I breathed in too deeply I might shatter. “I’ll see you at Christmas,” you said to me, wiping away one of my tears. “I’ll see you […]

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Brenna in London

Because In the End, I Choose Travel

The North Coast 500, Scotland Things have been quiet on this blog and its social media lately. I’ve been busily packing up my entire life, meticulously wrapping all of my belongings in bubble wrap, placing them in boxes and suitcases. They’re in storage somewhere in Bristol by now, awaiting my instruction. Despite having three international trips […]

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Tokyo Japan

On Belonging: A Story from Japan

I met Ai almost exactly one year after I’d moved to Japan. I’m getting ahead of myself, though – I need to go back to the beginning. In my early 20s, I was addicted to travelling; I had perpetually itchy feet. Travelling had me in its grasp, my wanderlust an uncontrolled entity. And like most […]

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Brenna and Zalie Hawaii

My Sister’s Influence

I went to South America because of my sister. She went to South America because of a bottle of mezcal. Wait. Let me back up. At 22 years old, I took my first long-term solo trip around Europe. That led to years of solo travel and living abroad, including a year travelling through Asia. In […]

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Women's March London 1

Why I Marched: Thoughts on the London Women’s March

On Saturday, January 21st, I walked over 10,000 steps with approximately 100,000 people in London – millions of people when you include the entire world. Together, we marched for women’s rights (for all women’s rights), for LGBTQIA rights, for worker’s rights, for immigrant rights, for disability rights, for reproductive rights, for civil rights, for environmental […]

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