Gipsy Queen

by Brenna Holeman

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Barcelona, Spain

In just two days I will be flying to Havana, Cuba, with one of my best friends. When I think of Cuba I think of a country filled with colour and vibrancy, a nation that is stifled in so many ways but still manages to maintain its own strong identity. When I think of Cuba I think of music, and I generally love countries that conjure up exotic, beautiful, and/or gut-wrenching melodies (see also: Morocco, India, Spain).

I was in Barcelona almost six years ago, and it was a whirlwind few days of delicious tapas, buying handheld fans to keep ourselves cool in the roasting heat, and, more than anything, flamenco. Flamenco is what defined Barcelona for me, and I can still remember going to a live show and watching and listening with awe and admiration. It really was one of the highlights of my travels thus far.

That being said, Rikki and I are apparently staying just around the corner from the best jazz club in all of Havana. I’m dying to sit in a crowded little bar, my glass of rum in hand, my eyes glued to the stage. Without a doubt, my best moments when travelling always stem from music, and I have no doubt that Cuba will be any different.

(By the way, the title of this post is in reference to them)

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Christine loves to Travel March 6, 2012 - 4:19 pm

Have a great trip! Cuba is amazing!

Adina Marguerite March 6, 2012 - 4:33 pm

So jealous! I would love to go to Cuba! There is a bridge just outside of Havana in Pinar Del Rio named after my grandfather. Someday I hope to be able to see it myself.

Love your photos of Barcelona too. We’ll be headed to Northern Spain in September.

Enjoy Cuba!

This Battered Suitcase March 7, 2012 - 6:09 am

Thanks Christine!

Adina, that story is so cool! I really hope you get to see the bridge one day very soon. Enjoy Spain, I’m sure you will love it!

haley March 7, 2012 - 7:22 pm

Have a great trip! Your life is just too exciting.

This Battered Suitcase March 8, 2012 - 12:18 am

Thank you, Haley!


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