Au Revoir Luang Prabang

by Brenna Holeman
luang-prabang-12 luang-prabang-13 luang-prabang-14 luang-prabang-15 luang-prabang-16 luang-prabang-17
 Luang Prabang, Laos

They say every dream must come to an end; Luang Prabang is definitely a dream, and I suppose getting on a bus tomorrow morning is the inevitable end. I still haven’t decided if I am going to the Plain of Jars or to Vang Vieng – it makes more sense geographically to go to Plain of Jars first, but I have so many friends in Vang Vieng at the moment and it would be wonderful to meet up with them again.

Oh but I will miss these days, these days of cycling around the town, of swimming in waterfalls, of drinking endless cups of Lao coffee, of shopping for cloth bags and Buddha relics in the night market, of making new friends at Hive Bar or Utopia, of not being able to walk 100 metres without seeing a temple. Luang Prabang has definitely become my favourite city in Southeast Asia.

Tomorrow morning I will wake up early to feed and give alms to the monks of Luang Prabang, and then it’s off to another destination. But to where? But with whom? But for how long? I love travelling.

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