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Summer Day London Fields

I Feel Bad About My Blog

Most days, I love what I’ve worked so hard to achieve and the plans I have for the future. Most days – scratch that, every day – I feel fantastic about the supportive community of people surrounding this blog. Most days I cannot believe that this is my job, and that people will invite me […]

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Blogging in London

When Did Travel Blogging Get So Boring?

I was 19 when I started my first blog, way back in 2003. Back then we weren’t talking about things like “self-hosted WordPress sites”, “search engine optimisation”, or “Google analytics”… I mean, social media was only in its infancy (no, I never had Myspace, to every early 2000s hipster’s horror) and I would only get […]

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Um, Did I Just Quit My Job to Travel?!

If you, like me, follow a lot of travel blogs and websites, I’m sure you’ve seen it: that image of the person standing somewhere beautiful, looking free and happy and contemplative; perhaps their arms are outstretched, or they’re reaching up to hold on to their hat just so. I’m not criticising – I’m guilty of […]

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Cinque Terre Brenna 6

Travelling Without Luggage (A Challenge)

If you’ve read this blog long enough you know that I am not a light packer. I mean, I’ve learned a lot in the past few years as I consistently travel with carry-on only around Europe, but those trips are always only a few days, maximum one week. I just can’t help it – I’m […]

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