Searching For Mount Lavinia

by Brenna Holeman



Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka

The days of rickety train rides from Colombo, fish jumping straight from the ocean and onto the beach, whiling the hours away in hammocks, eating tuna and lemons fresh from the market, lying back in the sand and looking at the stars, searching for elephants on the side of the road, playing badminton in a hazy beer fog, driving round the island on an unreliable motorbike, listening to the waves from our little white bed, laughing with the locals over bottles of arrack- those days are long behind us.

But you, you are still here.

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1 comment

theprojectheart May 4, 2012 - 4:29 am

Good ole Mount, used to be my hometown for a few years 🙂

I noticed that you seem to love Mirissa, want to know what makes it even more special


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