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Head In The Clouds

Paris, France I’ve been thinking about applying to intensive French courses at La Sorbonne next year. I’ve lived all over Canada, in Denmark and Russia, Scotland and Japan, but it has always been my dream to live in Paris. Isn’t it everyone’s dream?

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What I Love Most

Osaka, Nara, and Kyoto, Japan More than cherry blossoms or bullet trains or kawaii stationery, more than Mount Fuji or Lake Biwa or the beaches of Wakayama, more than sake or umeshu or Sapporo beer, more than sushi or okonomiyaki or tempura, more than anything- what I love most about Japan is its people.

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Making Plans

Istanbul, Turkey I have been feeling so restless lately. This is partially due to the fact that we have barely left the Tokyo apartment for a full week, venturing out only to stroll in Yoyogi Park, shop in Harajuku, or dine on sushi in Ikebukuro. When I feel restless I do one of two things- […]

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Sunsets In Brunei

Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei The last time I travelled with my mother was four months ago, to Malaysian Borneo and Brunei. I just found out I’ll be seeing her again soon; we’re meeting in Beijing, where we’ll journey on the Trans-Siberian Railway together. I would have never thought that 2010 would find me in a […]

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Where I Used To Live

Edinburgh, Scotland There are days when I miss Edinburgh, when I miss 99s in Princes Street Gardens, farmer’s markets, bagpipes, cobblestone streets. There are days when I wonder if I will even miss Osaka when I’m gone. There are days when I feel that I am wasting time: work, movie, bed. The biggest fear I […]

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Toronto, Canada Main Entry: traveller Part of Speech: noun Definition: person who journeys Synonyms: adventurer, barnstormer, drifter, excursionist, expeditionist, explorer, gadabout, globetrotter, gypsy, jet-setter, junketer, navigator, nomad, pilgrim, rambler, roamer, seafarer, trouper, truant, vagabond, wanderer I’m homesick, but for where, I don’t know.

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Vietnamese Markets

Hanoi, Vietnam Without fail, I always find myself in markets when I travel. The markets vary; I’ve gotten lost among stalls of fruit and baskets of spices, bowls of silver jewellery and tables covered with antiques, jars of strange remedies and plates of decadent desserts, brightly coloured flowers and shelf upon shelf of beads and […]

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Osakan Greens

Osaka, Japan I live in Osaka, Japan, and have done so for nearly two years. And while I love Osaka and always will, I am getting itchy feet. I find myself checking flights to Vientiane. I find myself daydreaming of cafes in Tokyo. I find myself researching music festivals in Melbourne. This wanderlust will get […]

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