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Discovering Wanderlust

You Will Discover Wanderlust

There’s a time in most adolescent lives when everything starts to change, when the things you did last week now seemed juvenile. We all become misfits for some brief, difficult years, lured by the different and the dangerous. We become obsessed with something with the zeal that only teenagers possess, purposefully ostracize ourselves from the […]

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To Be Thankful

It’s become a bit of a tradition for me to post about Thanksgiving every year; I think it’s incredibly important to give thanks. I try to do it daily, but on a day where Canadians are actually given a day off to be thankful, I try to really evaluate all of the positives (and sometimes […]

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Toronto Graffiti

Street Art of Toronto

A beautiful mural depicting social change versus a random tag on a random brick wall – how do we approve one, but disregard the other? The line seems to be drawn somewhere between construction and destruction; the work must take on some form of cultural significance, or, well, at least just look good.

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New Blog, New Life

There’s been a foreboding sense to this summer – I’ve known all along that, eventually, I’d be packing up and moving my life to London for an indefinite period of time. This isn’t a surprise; I’ve been talking about it since spring. And yet I’m the type of person who, instead of taking my time […]

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Why I’m Going to TBEX

With Other Travel Bloggers in Toronto (last year) As many people involved in the travel blogging world may know, TBEX North America is kicking off this week in Toronto. Standing for Travel Blog Exchange, TBEX is, according to their website, “the largest gathering of travel bloggers, writers, and new media content creators“. There will be […]

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