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Interior Inspiration From South America

Liberia, Costa Rica San Pedro de Atacama, Chile Granada, Nicaragua Popayan, Colombia Antigua, Guatemala While my greatest passion is travel, I also love interior design and home decoration. While I wouldn’t say I’m materialistic, I would say I’m very sentimental, so I love to buy souvenirs when I’m on the road. I’ve discussed this on […]

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The Myths of Central America

Crossing from Costa Rica into Panama (No Man’s Land) “I overheard that you lived in Costa Rica,” I said to the hippie-looking server at my favourite cafe in Canada. “I’ll be there in a few months myself, after studying in Guatemala for a few weeks and then travelling through the rest of Central America.” “Guatemala?” […]

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Tickle Me Pink

Granada, Nicaragua Flores, Guatemala Antigua, Guatemala Leon, Nicaragua Liberia, Costa Rica Leon, Nicaragua Copan Ruinas, Honduras Lamanai, Belize Flores, Guatemala The colours, the colours, Central America is so full of colour. I will never grow tired of being surrounded by azul y rojo y verde y amarillo y morado y rosa, rosa everywhere. For a […]

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Adios, Antigua

Antigua, Guatemala As it is with nearly every place I visit, I don’t feel like I had enough time with Antigua; I always wish I had done more, I had seen more. I thought I would live here for two months, butI’m departing after just under one month, so it was my choice and my choice alone […]

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Making Chocolate In Guatemala

Antigua, Guatemala “Chocolaaaaaate! Chocolaaaaaate!” Pablo, our wonderfully enthusiastic guide, sang loudly as he whipped our traditional hot chocolate into a beautiful foam. We each had a turn churning the frothy mixture of ground cacao beans, honey, cloves, and boiling milk, eventually pouring it into tiny clay cups for our drinking pleasure. I had heard time […]

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Snapshots of Antigua (Part One)

                               Antigua, Guatemala And the days fly by; mornings spent learning and studying, afternoons spent drinking coffee, writing, trying to avoid the rain. I know every major road in Antigua, but I still can’t get the hang of the uneven streets and the misplaced cobblestones. The barista at my favourite cafe knows that I like […]

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Love in Guatemala

Just Another Love Story

In a way, travel relationships, whether they last for days or for years, start off just like any other relationship. Your eyes meet across a bar full of young and sun-tanned backpackers, you smile at each other over the noise of a street festival, you complain together about the heat or the slow Internet or […]

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My Life In Antigua

Antigua, Guatemala I’ve spent the last week living completely differently than I have in years – I’m focused on school, and on studying. Surrounding me now on this table in this little coffeeshop off the main square of Antigua are multi-coloured flashcards, notebooks, textbooks, and a Spanish dictionary; it feels good to once again throw […]

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