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2014: A Year in Review

This time last year, I could have never predicted where I’d be at this exact moment: sitting on the patio of my family’s rented casa in Nicaragua, a spiced rum and coke beside me, the sun dipping low in the sky before it sinks past the ocean’s horizon and out of sight. I thought that […]

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The Wind

  Oia, Greece Like every morning, I brace myself before opening the door. I only recently moved back to this city, and the -40 degree winter weather is something I will never (and can never) get fully used to. A quick inventory of my purse assures me I have everything I need for the day: […]

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Into The Blue

On The Trans-Siberian Train, Russia Marrakech, Morocco Matinloc Island, The Philippines Osaka, Japan Sapa, Vietnam Varna, Bulgaria Oia, Greece Hanoi, Vietnam Brasov, Romania The Sahara, Morocco St. Petersburg, Russia Blue is the colour of my eyes, of my dream car, of open skies and open waters, of cotton candy at the fair, of fresh berries […]

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Paint The Town

Athens, Greece Today there is a cold wind that feels like it should bring snow. It’s a day of German hot chocolate and getting ready for trick-or-treaters, for seeing old friends and watching movies you’ve already seen a million times, for naps on the couch and carving pumpkins. My time in Canada so far has […]

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Polaroids And The Parthenon

(photo by L.) (photo by L.)Athens, Santorini, and Crete, GreeceAnd those days, I felt invincible. I wandered the streets of Athens, searching for the restaurant with the best spanakopita or the best yemista. I wore my hair short and black. I smoked Karelia cigarettes and drank €2 bottles of wine, playing cards long into the […]

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