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Fashion in Thailand

My Ever-Changing Travel Fashion

Happy (and Comfortable) in Cusco, PeruI love to travel, obviously. I also love fashion, and I love to dress up. Sometimes it’s very, very difficult to merge the two, as, as a traveller, one’s wardrobe is often dictated by the fact that it must all fit inside a small backpack or suitcase. Add rapid changes […]

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For Spring

Angkor Wat, Cambodia “Homesickness is a feeling that many know and suffer from; I on the other hand feel a pain less known, and its name is ‘Outsickness’. When the snow melts, the stork arrives, and the first steamships race off, then I feel the painful travel unrest.” -Hans Christian Andersen in a letter in […]

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2011 In Review

It truly was one of the best years of my life – a year of travel (from January to November), a year of friendship, a year of prospects in love, a year of adventures, a year of loss, and, finally, a year that culminated with me settling in one place, at least for six months. […]

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Fashion in Cambodia

The Day I Threw A Grenade

Phnom Penh, Cambodia I threw a grenade on one of my last days in Cambodia. It was something I would have never thought of doing, but the person I was travelling with at the time was very keen to do it. Once I got there, it was one of those when-will-I-ever-do-this-again kind of situations (much […]

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Short Pause

Kampot, Cambodia This is just a short message to say that I will be completely offline for the next week; Burning Man will be my home until next Monday, and then I’ll be driving to Colorado. I apologise for the upcoming lack of posts, but rest assured, I will be back, and back with a […]

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Light And Dark

Phnom Penh, Cambodia Because that’s what it was, Phnom Penh – a city of light and a city of darkness. A city of laughter on boardwalks, of smiling faces and helping hands, of bustling night markets and delicious (albeit expensive) food. A city of all this, yes, but also a city with a horrific history, […]

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