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How To Feel Comfortable Eating Alone

There are some aspects of solo travelling that are especially nerve-wracking to people who perhaps don’t yet have as much experience as I do, and one of those things – something that comes up quite often in emails and messages – is feeling comfortable while eating alone, especially when travelling solo. And yes – walking […]

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Aperol Spritz Brenna

An Ode to the Aperol Spritz

I’ve been lucky this summer, because it’s been a summer of near constant travel, more-so than usual for me. If we count May, I’ve visited Italy twice (Bologna and Cinque Terre), Spain (to Mallorca, where I stayed in a villa with my mum for a week), Sweden (for a travel blogging conference), and Prague (for […]

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Around the World: Beer

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of my Around the World posts, and what better day to post about beer around the world than St. Patrick’s Day? I’ve never shied away from the fact that I love a good pint, and I make it a goal to try at least one of the […]

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BB Bus London 3

Best of London: The BB Bakery Bus Tour

I rarely write about Central or West London; nearly all of my previous posts about London have been about my beloved East, where I live. I get the occasional email about things to do in London and I always feel a bit lost on what to recommend, especially if the person writing has never been […]

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Market Company Cyprus 4

The Best Food in Nicosia, Cyprus

I recently returned from a short but amazing holiday in Cyprus. With a few days in Nicosia and a day in the Troodos Mountains, I had just enough time to visit a few museums, do a bit of hiking, and, of course, visit a hamam. However, what really stood out for me, above anything else, […]

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Basilicata 1

Photo Essay: Snapshots of Basilicata

When I was invited to travel around the region of Basilicata, my first thought was, “Where’s Basilicata?” Even upon arriving at the airport in Bari, only a two-hour flight from London, I didn’t really know where I was or what to expect. And while I’d visited Italy three times before, and seen most of the […]

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London Cru 2

Best of London: London Cru

I’ve done a few other winery/vineyard tours, and they often end up being the same: here are the barrels, here’s some information about the wine/grapes, and here’s some samples. London Cru felt different, though, much more personal and much more hands-on. Being a small space, we were able to see each piece of equipment and […]

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