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The Night Train

The plan had been fairly straightforward: we were to arrive by train in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, around 8pm. We had already booked a hostel in the city, but we wanted to purchase our train tickets for Varna, Bulgaria, while we were still at the train station. We had just spent a week in […]

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Into The Blue

On The Trans-Siberian Train, Russia Marrakech, Morocco Matinloc Island, The Philippines Osaka, Japan Sapa, Vietnam Varna, Bulgaria Oia, Greece Hanoi, Vietnam Brasov, Romania The Sahara, Morocco St. Petersburg, Russia Blue is the colour of my eyes, of my dream car, of open skies and open waters, of cotton candy at the fair, of fresh berries […]

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Pink (And What I’m Taking, I Think)

Sighisoara, Romania Osaka, Japan Osaka, Japan Kyoto, Japan Osaka, Japan Marrakech, Morocco Isle of Skye, Scotland Tokyo, Japan Pink is the next shade in what I hope is an ongoing collection of colours (see orange here). Pink is supposed to be a colour that calms you, that represents relaxation and contentment; considering I am leaving […]

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The Pigeons In Brasov

(photo taken by Kerrilyn) Brasov, Romania After seeing Black Swan and a friend’s band play on College St., I met a young man at the streetcar stop tonight. We had eerily similar lives, from the university we both graduated from to the summer days we spent under orange trees by the Mediterranean to the square […]

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Trains Through Transylvania

Train Travel in Transylvania, Romania I have only 18 days left in Osaka. And while I am sad, undoubtedly sad, the thought of once again packing my bags and jumping on a train that is headed for places I’ve never been to before is overwhelmingly exciting. In one month, I’ll see China, Mongolia, and Russia, […]

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Me And You (And Brasov)

Brasov, Romania I once went to Transylvania with my best friend. We were supposed to meet in the Bucharest airport, but where? I remember seeing just a glimpse of her curly brown hair, a glimpse of a backpack, a glimpse of someone with whom to have great adventures. After a few days in Bucharest, we […]

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