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Mongolian Ger 4

Those Nights in the Mongolian Ger

“Here is your pile of wood.” Yul, our guide, pointed to a bin of chopped wood. “The local people use dung, but it is easier for tourists to light this.” He smiled once, a flash of white. The ger, commonly called a yurt in other parts of the world, was to be our home for […]

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How To Make Friends In Nepal

…or Romania, or Bolivia, or Japan…  When you ask a traveller what he or she loves most about being on the road, chances are he or she will, at some point, mention interacting with the local people and learning about new cultures. Most travellers are, after all, xenophiles at heart. But to the novice traveller, […]

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Let’s Paint The Town Orange

Luang Prabang, Laos Varanasi, India Hong Kong, Hong Kong The Himalayas, Nepal (photo taken by Lena) Delhi, India Terelj National Park, Mongolia The Jungle, Malaysian Borneo Rangoon, Burma Amritsar, India Koh Lanta, Thailand The days in Melbourne are cold, but with the approach of winter all of the leaves are turning lovely shades of orange […]

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A Year In Review (Part Two)

August: A month of visiting the Philippines, of beautiful sunsets, delicious breakfasts, and snorkelling in turquoise waters for days on end. September: A month of saying goodbye to my home, Japan. October: A month of China, Mongolia, and Russia, of trains and more trains, of homestays, gers, hotels and, finally, a flight to Canada. November: […]

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Travelling Through Mongolia

(photo taken by my mum)On the train from Mongolia to Russia “I have seldom heard a train go by and not wished I was on it. Those whistles sing bewitchment: railways are irresistible bazaars, snaking along perfectly level no matter what the landscape, improving your mood with speed, and never upsetting your drink. The train […]

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Sain Bain Uu

(photo taken by my mum)Terelj National Park, Mongolia This is the first time I’ve been online in three weeks! I’m exhausted but I have so many stories and even more photographs. I’ll be in Canada on Friday so I’ll share much more then, but I just wanted to say hello from St. Petersburg.

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