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Things to do in Copenhagen 16

Going Back to Copenhagen

I used to wear a Danish krone around my neck. It’s the perfect coin to do so, really – it has a hole in it already. I also kept a few spare kroner in my wallet in Canada, just because I liked knowing the extra weight came from those foreign coins, jangling around thousands of […]

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Aarhus - 49

The Appeal of Aarhus

I once spent a bit of time in Copenhagen… a few months, to be exact. I wrote about why I lived there – and why I love the city so much – in this post. While I spent all that time in Copenhagen, however, I never really explored the rest of Denmark. Call it naivety, […]

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Bicycles in Denmark 9

The Beauty of Bicycles in Aarhus

Yeah, I’m going to get straight to the point here – this post is purely to showcase these pretty photos of bicycles in Aarhus, Denmark. I visited Aarhus at the end of June and I absolutely loved it; not only is it a beautiful city, it’s full of warm people and fun things to do. […]

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Things to do in Copenhagen 12

Why I Love Copenhagen

A Danish reader once wrote to me to tell me how disappointed she was that there was barely anything on this blog about Denmark, despite the fact that I had visited in 2006. Actually, of the 80-odd countries I’ve been to, not that many of them are documented that well on this blog at all. […]

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