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NYE Eve 2

This New Year (and Guten Rutsch)

I thought, initially, that 2013 wasn’t a very eventful year. I watched as other friends travelled the world, got married, had children, got promoted, got published. But upon reflection I realised that this year was really a transition, or, if we should use that German word, a slide into the life I’m creating for myself.

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How To Plan a Trip (That Actually Needs to Be Planned)

These past few days, I’ve thought a lot about trip-planning. I’ve flip-flopped between being totally nonchalant about it (“I’ve got loads of time! It always works out, no matter what!”) to totally stressed about it (“I’m flying to Zurich in two weeks and I have planned NOTHING! I need flights, hostels, hotels, trains, buses, AND […]

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A Night At The Opera

Vienna, Austria A night at the opera. I remember standing in line with a mish-mash of other backpackers, hoping that there were still €2 standing-room tickets left. I remember thinking, “Will they let me in wearing flip-flops?” I remember hobnobbing with the other ticket-holders, drinking champagne and eating chocolate-covered strawberries, the songs of Mozart still […]

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