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Where I Used To Live

Edinburgh, Scotland There are days when I miss Edinburgh, when I miss 99s in Princes Street Gardens, farmer’s markets, bagpipes, cobblestone streets. There are days when I wonder if I will even miss Osaka when I’m gone. There are days when I feel that I am wasting time: work, movie, bed. The biggest fear I […]

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Toronto, Canada Main Entry: traveller Part of Speech: noun Definition: person who journeys Synonyms: adventurer, barnstormer, drifter, excursionist, expeditionist, explorer, gadabout, globetrotter, gypsy, jet-setter, junketer, navigator, nomad, pilgrim, rambler, roamer, seafarer, trouper, truant, vagabond, wanderer I’m homesick, but for where, I don’t know.

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Vietnamese Markets

Hanoi, Vietnam Without fail, I always find myself in markets when I travel. The markets vary; I’ve gotten lost among stalls of fruit and baskets of spices, bowls of silver jewellery and tables covered with antiques, jars of strange remedies and plates of decadent desserts, brightly coloured flowers and shelf upon shelf of beads and […]

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Osakan Greens

Osaka, Japan I live in Osaka, Japan, and have done so for nearly two years. And while I love Osaka and always will, I am getting itchy feet. I find myself checking flights to Vientiane. I find myself daydreaming of cafes in Tokyo. I find myself researching music festivals in Melbourne. This wanderlust will get […]

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Those Days In Borneo

On the Kinabatangan River, BorneoWas it really nearly four months ago that I was in Borneo? What a dreamy blur it all was: drifting down the river at dawn, trying to spot proboscis monkeys and crocodiles, still stiff from the night’s sleep in a bed shielded only by mosquito netting. Drinking cold tea in a […]

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Osaka Flat 3

As You Like It

“April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.” -William Shakespeare Today is a rainy day in Osaka, the kind of day that calls for reading books at the laundromat, cooking pesto pasta, and writing letters to send to the other side of the world. Perhaps what they say about spring is true, that it […]

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