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What If I’m Single Forever?

I flew back to Canada from London one summer, just after my thirty-first birthday. I was feeling a little bit low; I had recently been dumped by somebody I cared about, and it was the rotten cherry on top of a lousy month. “I like you too much,” this particular guy had told me one […]

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Blogging in London

When Did Travel Blogging Get So Boring?

I was 19 when I started my first blog, way back in 2003. Back then we weren’t talking about things like “self-hosted WordPress sites”, “search engine optimisation”, or “Google analytics”… I mean, social media was only in its infancy (no, I never had Myspace, to every early 2000s hipster’s horror) and I would only get […]

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On Being “Busy”

“How are you?” It’s a seemingly innocent question, and one that, unless you know the person really well, always comes with the same answer. “I’m good, thanks, how are you?” Or, perhaps, if you’re having a great week (or you’ve run into an ex), you tweak the answer slightly. “I’m really good, thanks!” or even […]

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Little Corn Nicaragua 2

On Dreaming, and On Staying Ambitious

I’ve been really tired these days. Between a full-time job that has recently gotten a lot more demanding, to maintaining my duties to fulfil the requirements for my Graduate Entrepreneur Visa in the UK, to freelance work, to running this blog and its social media, to social events, to, oh yeah, travelling, I find myself […]

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Koh Lanta - 32 of 60

Why We Need Travel More Than Ever

I try to remain positive every day, and to remind myself that the majority of the people on this planet do not wish harm against one another. But fuck, it’s difficult sometimes. It’s difficult when you hear about a person with so much hatred inside him that he feels the need to fire a semi-automatic […]

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Brenna in Mallorca

Nine Mistakes to Make as a Traveller

I’ve made a lot of mistakes while travelling. A lot. I’ve been ripped off, I’ve lost things, I’ve spent too much money, and I’ve wasted valuable travel time on things that could have been avoided. There are certain mistakes I don’t think are worth making at all – things like spending too much on credit […]

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