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What to Wear in Nepal

I will be back in Nepal in less than a month. I’m actually in Thailand for about two weeks beforehand, and then in Bhutan for a week after, so I will have to pack accordingly. While I’m usually quite confident with what to pack, for some reason I keep humming and hawing about what to bring on this particular trip, perhaps because I’ll be in various climates (from the sunny beaches of Thailand to the chilly temperatures of the Himalayas) and because, well, I’m not backpacking. That’s right, I’m bringing a – wait for it – suitcase. This means don’t have to worry as much about trying to fit everything into a smaller space or wrinkled clothing.

That being said, when I started to think about what to wear in Nepal, and what to bring on this trip, I still thought back to the backpacking trip I took around Southeast Asia and the Subcontinent in 2011. I can’t help it – the clothes I wore then and the outfits I put together were some of my favourites ever.

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Upcoming Travel Plans

If you’ve read this blog for a little while, you may know that I used to travel a lot – I visited every continent except Antarctica at least once in the last four years, including long stints of backpacking around Asia and Central/South America. When I moved to London about two years ago, I didn’t really plan to slow down… and for the first year, I didn’t, not at all. Last year, despite having a job and a full-time master’s degree, I visited fourteen countries on three continents.

This year, however, was probably the slowest year of travel for me in the past decade. I don’t even really know how it happened, but with work and the final stages of the degree taking over, plus an undying love of London, I realised I had to – and wanted to – focus on a few more things in life. That doesn’t mean I didn’t go away; this year I’ve visited Spain, Denmark, Ireland, Canada, and the USA, as well as lots of fun trips around the UK.

But I was a fool to think this wanderlust wouldn’t get the better of me eventually.

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Finding Mount Everest: A Story of Travelling and Loss

“There she is.” The pilot’s finger, held up against the window of the cockpit, nearly obliterated the very thing I had come all this way and paid all this money to see.

“That one?” I put my own finger to the cold glass, aware that the propellers on the small airplane were swallowing my voice. Each mountain seemed roughly the same, barely varying in shape or height. I looked to the pilot for confirmation. He smiled with big, white, snowcapped teeth.

“Yes,” he mouthed over the whir of the propeller’s blades. “That’s Everest.”

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A Whiter Shade Of Pale

Havana, Cuba New Delhi, India Kathmandu, Nepal Niagara Falls, Canada Popayan, Colombia Las Peñitas, Nicaragua Mancora, Peru Luang Prabang, Laos A colour (or shade, if you will) I’ve never featured: white. And right now, my life is surrounded by white, with snow, with newness, with a blank slate.  For more of my colour features, scroll […]

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My Ever-Changing Travel Fashion

Happy (and Comfortable) in Cusco, PeruI love to travel, obviously. I also love fashion, and I love to dress up. Sometimes it’s very, very difficult to merge the two, as, as a traveller, one’s wardrobe is often dictated by the fact that it must all fit inside a small backpack or suitcase. Add rapid changes […]

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Going Green

Yangon, Myanmar Osaka, Japan Havana, Cuba Jaisalmer, India Seoul, South Korea Tokyo, Japan Jodhpur, India Kathmandu, Nepal Beijing, China Bangkok, Thailand Yangon, Myanmar Udaipur, India With Earth Day coming up, here are some shades of green around the world.  See more green here. See yellow here and here. See pink here and here and here and here. See blue […]

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Looking Down

Lovina, Indonesia Chiang Mai, Thailand Cape Cod, USA The Great Ocean Road, Australia Havana, Cuba Luang Prabang, Laos The Gili Islands, Indonesia Lahinch, Ireland Seoul, South Korea Pokhara, Nepal I’ve been taking photos of my feet for at least five years now; it started as a fun little thing I did once in a while […]

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