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The Desert Sky of Morocco

The man leaned in close, his face next to mine. I could smell his breath, a mixture of tobacco and a pungent, unidentifiable spice. His arms were stained slightly indigo from the traditional robes he wore. He was a Tuareg, a true “Blue Man” of the Sahara. Though he was only in his mid-fifties, his face bore the wrinkles of a lifetime spent in the unforgiving sun.

“C’est trés difficile,” he said to me, and I nodded. We were sitting by the fire under the desert sky of the Moroccan Sahara, and he was helping me to untangle the necklaces I wore around my neck. I had bought the strands of colourful glass beads in the souks of Marrakesh only days earlier, and he worked quickly and carefully to free me from their knots.

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Into The Blue

On The Trans-Siberian Train, Russia Marrakech, Morocco Matinloc Island, The Philippines Osaka, Japan Sapa, Vietnam Varna, Bulgaria Oia, Greece Hanoi, Vietnam Brasov, Romania The Sahara, Morocco St. Petersburg, Russia Blue is the colour of my eyes, of my dream car, of open skies and open waters, of cotton candy at the fair, of fresh berries […]

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Pink (And What I’m Taking, I Think)

Sighisoara, Romania Osaka, Japan Osaka, Japan Kyoto, Japan Osaka, Japan Marrakech, Morocco Isle of Skye, Scotland Tokyo, Japan Pink is the next shade in what I hope is an ongoing collection of colours (see orange here). Pink is supposed to be a colour that calms you, that represents relaxation and contentment; considering I am leaving […]

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Orange You Glad

Listvyanka, Russia Beijing, China Lagos, Portugal Kyoto, Japan Marrakesh, Morocco Edinburgh, Scotland Valletta, Malta Paris, France One of my favourite things to photograph is colour. I love bright, bold hues, red and purple and green and orange, so I thought I would start posting some of my favourite photos of each colour. Orange often represents […]

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The Loveliest City On Earth

Marrakech, Morocco “What’s your favourite place in the world?” I never know how to answer that question, because I have different favourites for different reasons. Japan, Canada, Turkey, Slovenia, Vietnam, France, Ireland, and Russia are all definitely at the top of the list. But so often, when I’m asked that question, I answer with Morocco, […]

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Sleeping In The Sahara

The Sahara I went to the Sahara a few years ago; it was my second time to Africa. We started in Marrakech and drove for a day, high over the Atlas mountains where we stopped to buy stone-encrusted daggers and green pottery. We spent hot days in the sun and freezing cold nights huddled under […]

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