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The Last Time I Saw You (Part Four)

The last time I saw you, we hugged on the tube platform. I had just moved to London, and you happened to be passing through, just visiting. I remember the sound of the train as it rushed past us, thinking I could say anything to you and you probably wouldn’t hear me. We hugged for just a second too long, or maybe a few seconds. And then we separated, and looked at each other, both of us waiting for the other to do something, or say something.

We met on the backpacker trail in Central America. I was travelling on my own, but had quickly made friends with a group of people in my guesthouse. One of the guys in the group had met you at another guesthouse, and so you came along to a dinner of conch baliadas one night. You were a bit taller than me, with brown hair and grey eyes. I remember noticing your laugh, the way you had the ability to make everyone feel like the funniest person at the table. You were tanned a dark brown, and the only man at the table not wearing a singlet.

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Around the World: Sunsets

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Thar Desert, India Koh Lanta, Thailand The Great Ocean Road, Australia Colonia, Uruguay Near Oslo, Norway Phoenix, USA Utila, Honduras El Nido, The Philippines On these long and cold winter nights, I needed a little sun. For more in the Around the World series, click here. *Follow me on Facebook and […]

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The Myths of Central America

Crossing from Costa Rica into Panama (No Man’s Land) “I overheard that you lived in Costa Rica,” I said to the hippie-looking server at my favourite cafe in Canada. “I’ll be there in a few months myself, after studying in Guatemala for a few weeks and then travelling through the rest of Central America.” “Guatemala?” […]

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Tickle Me Pink

Granada, Nicaragua Flores, Guatemala Antigua, Guatemala Leon, Nicaragua Liberia, Costa Rica Leon, Nicaragua Copan Ruinas, Honduras Lamanai, Belize Flores, Guatemala The colours, the colours, Central America is so full of colour. I will never grow tired of being surrounded by azul y rojo y verde y amarillo y morado y rosa, rosa everywhere. For a […]

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