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Expedia Pioneer: Your Dream Job?

I almost never talk about work on my personal blog, but this opportunity is so fantastic that I really wanted to share it here. For the past six months I’ve been working with Expedia on two different but related projects, both of which I can finally talk about. The first is a new travel blogging platform called Traveller Notes, where I am the Community Manager and Content Creator. I am also the Community Manager for the amazing new Expedia Pioneers project…

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Street Art in Berlin

Last autumn, I had the pleasure of returning to one of my favourite European cities, Berlin. There are many things to love about Berlin: its nightlife, its history, its fashion, and, perhaps one of my favourite reasons for visiting, its street art. I’ve written about how I’m huge fan of street art before, and I think that it can be a beautiful contribution to a city, adding art, politics, culture, and social perspective to otherwise bare walls.

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