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Trying a Cashew Apple in Belize (Video)

When my mum and I first arrived in Belize, we drove along a bumpy road for about an hour before reaching the river; once there, we caught a boat that took us deep into the jungle, near the Lamanai ruins. Somewhere along that first road our driver stopped and picked us cashew apples, or cashew fruit, which I had never seen or tried or even heard of. I guess I never stopped to think where cashews come from; I certainly didn’t imagine they grew this way, one to a fruit.

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The Myths of Central America

Crossing from Costa Rica into Panama (No Man’s Land) “I overheard that you lived in Costa Rica,” I said to the hippie-looking server at my favourite cafe in Canada. “I’ll be there in a few months myself, after studying in Guatemala for a few weeks and then travelling through the rest of Central America.” “Guatemala?” […]

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