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Slow boat to Laos 6

The Last Time I Saw You (Part Six)

The last time I saw you, we said goodbye casually, like new friends. We were surrounded by other people, everyone hugging each other goodbye, and you and I hugged just once, brief and unfamiliar. I kissed you, a quick one, on the side of your mouth. I don’t think you were expecting it. “Have an […]

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The Last Time I Saw You 5

The Last Time I Saw You (Part Five)

The last time I saw you, you were walking away from me, your hair shining blue-black in the streetlights. I had turned back to wave again, but you didn’t, and so all I saw was the back of you, disappearing into the night. *** We met at a beach party on another continent, a place […]

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The Last Time I Saw You: Part One

The last time I saw you, you were standing at the foot of the escalator. My suitcase had gotten stuck in the step’s grooves, and I fumbled with it and laughed. I watched you, and we kept waving, waving, until I got to the top and had to start walking. I would have stayed at […]

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Why you should buy souvenirs 21

Why You Should Buy Souvenirs (and why you aren’t less of a traveller if you do)

If you follow any major travel websites, blogs, or Pinterest boards, chances are you’ve heard something along the lines of “experiences, not possessions” or maybe you’ve read about people who never buy souvenirs, preferring to travel light or to save their money. And while I appreciate all of those arguments – I’d much rather have […]

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